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The main reading room

The Thomas J. Watson Library of Business and Economics is located on the ground floor of Uris Hall. It is usually just known as the Business and Economics Library. It was named after Thomas J. Watson, Jr., former president of IBM and son of a Columbia trustee. The ground floor of the library shakes sometimes due to the fact that is is built immediately over the Dodge Fitness Center's indoor track and a lot of steam machinery.

It is the only library where talking and eating is generally allowed. This is due to the collaborative nature of business school assignments. However, it also makes the library a great place for undergrads to complete group work. There are numerous small group study rooms around the main reading room, which may be reserved by business school students. However when they're vacant, undergraduates are permitted to use them.

Limited Access in the Spring of 2013

From May 5th to May 17th of 2013, the Watson Library announced that for the first times ever it would be open only to CBS students and undergraduates studying economics[1]. Naturally, people got mad about this. One B-school student wrote a pretty bad article defending the policy[2].

One CBS student tweeted a photo of the library during the ban, mostly empty[3]. Since B-school students really don't study.

This isn't the first time that the Business School has attempted to keep undergraduates out. In 2006-2007, Uris Deli stopped taking Flex/Dining Dollars, payment methods commonly used by undergraduates.

Incidentally, the Law School has maintained law-student-only access policies during finals period for years. Of course, unlike the business school a) law students actually study, and b) the business library is the only 'talking' library on campus, making it conducive to group studying.



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