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The CCSC elections of 2013 were held on April 8 through 10. Columbia College students are allowed to vote for one CCSC executive board party and one University Senator candidate, as well as one or more candidates for several other positions.



CCSC executive board

For the first time in a few years, the executive board was not contested, with Daphne Chen's It's Always Sunny at Columbia Party running unopposed.

University Senate

Two candidates ran for the one open University Senate positions: David Froomkin and Jared Odessky. Ultimately, Odessky was successful in claiming the seat with 73% of the vote.

Class Councils

Somewhat unique to this year, all candidates for class president and vice president (which are elected together) are unopposed. In fact the only contested position in all of the class council races was a single class representative running individually for a seat on the Class of 2016 council. That worked out well, as that candidate, Richin Kabra, beat out Jonah Belser for a seat as a class representative.

At-Large Positions

Unlike many past years, there was a great deal of competition for the at-large positions on the board.

Six candidates ran for the newly-created position of Alumni Affairs Representative, while five ran for Academic Affairs Representative. There were two candidates for Preprofessional Represntative and three for Student Services Representative.

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