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CU Assassins is a game played on campus every spring. It is sponsored by the Engineering Student Council as part of E-Weeks. Assassins often draws in over 200 participants. The water-pistol game quickly takes over campus.

Legendary kills

Some assassins are willing to go above and beyond to record a kill, going so far as to hook-up with targets. However, some kills have become truly legendary.

  • In 2004(?) the game stretched for 6 weeks, with the final kill of the game taking place in Baltimore over spring break.
  • Another assassin allegedly traveled all the way to New Orleans by car to track down a quarry.
  • In 2013, a multi-team dispute arose between individual participants involving accusations of bribery, abuse of Resident Adviser privileges, and refusal to admit defeat. The game was ultimately concluded after Class Day.

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