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The Columbia Engineering Alumni Association (CEAA) is the alumni group for graduates of SEAS. All graduates automatically become members, and undergraduates become members during the second semester of their senior year.

Founded in 1882, the association is an independent corporation. Its programs and activities are largely funded by bequests, the most conspicuous being that that of C. P. Davis SEAS '22. In 2009, a collaborative agreement was signed with the SEAS dean's office which, while keeping CEAA an organization independent of the university, brings the group closer to the SEAS administration in terms of funding and event planning.

CEAA is in charge of a number of engineering awards, namely the Egleston Medal, the Pupin Medal, and the Johnson Medal. They also award the Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award.

CEAA used to be known as the Columbia Engineering School Alumni Association (CESAA) until 2008, when the name was changed to CEAA. This was party due to the inclusion of engineering graduate students from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, who are now considered members of CEAA upon graduation.

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