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The Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology or EEEB is usually known as E3B. It was established in the Summer of 2001 and is based on the 10th Floor of Schermerhorn Hall.

The E3B department offers two majors for undergraduates: Environmental Biology(EB) and Evolutionary Biology of the Human Species (EBHS). Dr.Matt Palmer is the undergraduate adviser of the EB major is often regarded of the best professors at Columbia. As an EB major, your first encounter with him will likely be in the Life Systems/Environmental Biology II class but he also teaches classes such as Forest Ecology, Field Botany, and Herpetology.

Dr. Jill Shapiro is the advisor for the EBHS major and teaches many of the class requirements.

Both of these majors tend to be small with about 15 students per cohort which means students have the opportunity to build close relationships with their advisers and professors.

The major requirements for EB [1] and EBHS [2]can be found on the E3B website.

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