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Future China Initiative is a student group whose mission includes "seek[ing] enlightenment of Chinese people, and to call for a rational formation of societal rules". Originally established by TC students supposedly in 1913, the group has students from different fields as board members.

In 2011, the mission of the club was broadened to pinpoint the idea of education: that is, to care about the development of every individual, and to seek paths for members to improve the community. The group's website states the organization seeks to "promote the cooperation of people from different fields, and create projects that allow ourselves to use our knowledge for the public good."


Future China Initiative (未來中國社) is a club formed in Teachers College, Columbia University. Originated from Teachers College Chinese Student Club (1913), which serves students and scholars in TC, Columbia University. An old photo found for the group is posted on the website of the Center on Chinese Education. [1]



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