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The Intercultural Resource Center serves as a community of sorts for minority students located in one of the brownstones on Frat Row. It is operated by the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

The IRC accommodates OMA administrative offices and programming space, and "The Intercultural House", which is a special interest community. The SIC members plan and hold programs that promote the themes of freedom and justice, especially social justice.

The IRC is also one of the few places on campus designated by the OMA as a "safe space". That is, the OMA encourages people to affirm and support each other in their identities, and it discourages hurtful and dehumanizing words and actions. Despite this, it is often a haven for people with less than friendly attitudes towards traditional aspects of University life. This mainly includes Greek Life, which has a strained relationship with the individuals within IRC. On a recurring basis, IRC members throw bottles at Beta brothers during certain semesterly ceremonies and generally try and harass them. When the Wrestling GroupMe Scandal came out, a member living on the fifth floor of the IRC went onto the roof of the brownstones and hung a sign saying "White Supremacy Lives Here" over the KDR house—since many wrestlers are a part of KDR. Of course, the fact that IRC members didn't get in trouble for breaking school rules by breaking onto the roof, while members of Beta and KDR can get their fraternities outright suspended for even a non-brother breaking onto their fire escapes or roofs for a few minutes, probably has nothing to do with their close personal and ideological relationships with certain administrators. Right...

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