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In November 2007, John Jay 6 residents made floor T-shirts with "I TAKE THE ELEVATOR" screen-printed on the front.

Origin of Motto


As the new freshmen residents quickly found out, the elevators in John Jay are tortuously slow. As a result, members from the higher floors (about 9 and up) were vocal in opining that lower-floor residents (5-8) did not deserve to utilize them, apparently under the belief that usage from those floors was the sole source of the massive delays.

By November, the idea of John Jay 6 floor t-shirts had been thrown around for a while. Exasperation with the constant tongue-lashing provided an easy topic for the t-shirt logos. "I TAKE THE ELEVATOR" was universally favored or more generic designs.


The front had I TAKE THE ELEVATOR, and the back had "JOHN JAY" arching over a large, sanserif "6." All text was columbia blue outlined with navy. The t-shirts were sports grey and were made with Customink.

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