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1 to ADI
ADI Courses to Art Garfunkel
Art History to Bruce Robbins
Bryan Mercer to Center for Jazz Studies
Center for New Media Teaching and Learning to Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History
Columbia Undergraduate Journal of South Asian Studies to Dean's Day
Dean's Discipline to Eric Schoenfeld
Eric Wang to Geology Library
George B. Pegram to How to file a maintenance request
How to get a guest pass to Jessica Marinaccio
Jessie Spano to Latino studies
Latino studies (major) to Mark Van Doren Award
Mark Van Doren Award for Great Teaching to NYU
NY Times to Peithologian Society
Pell Grant to Rexford Tugwell
Rhode Island to Senior Underground
Senior Week to Summa cum laude
Summer to ULURP
UMich to Women's and gender studies (major)
Women's studies to 傅在源
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