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1 to AD
ADHOC to Arden Conference Center
Arden House to Brian Jines
Brian Wagner to Caroline Bynum
Caroline Chiu to Columbia Musical Theatre Society
Columbia Neuroscience to David Ali
David B. Truman to Emily James Smith
Emily Lloyd to GREEK BΣΔΤS scandal
GS to History of the Morningside Heights campus
History of the tunnels to January 20
January 21 to Korean Students Association
Koronet to Managing Board of the Columbia Daily Spectator
Managing Board of the Spectator Publishing Company to Minutemen stage-rush
Minutemen stage rush to Order of Omega
Order of omega to Quigs
Quiz Bowl to Sanchez
Sandbox to Staying awake
Steam Tunnels to The Vag
The Varsity Show to Water polo
Waterpolo to 傅在源
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