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TSC at Broadway and 110th

The School at Columbia University is a school for professor's brats; the name is suitably pretentious. It is more commonly known as The School. It was developed as a recruitment tool for faculty, though it now has to reject large numbers of faculty brats because of its increasing popularity and the increasing number of other neighborhood kids in the school.

It should not be confused with the Columbia Science, Math and Engineering Secondary School.

In order to build it, Columbia struck a compromise with the neighborhood, reserving half the spots for local children who'd get in by lottery. [1]. The community threw multiple hissy fits in the process, even though they were promised half the seats and need based financial aid. [2]. Then they threw more hissy-fits. [3]

After 3 years, Columbia had to tell faculty there wasn't enough room in the school for their kids anymore. Oops. [4]. Hell, even the normally unabashedly pro-community Spectator called it ridiculous. [5]

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