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The Undergraduate Recruitment Committee (URC) is a subunit of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for students who are interested in being part of the recruitment effort for Columbia Admissions. The largest part of being a member of the URC is being a campus tour guide, leading a weekly tour of prospective students, families, and visitors around campus and explaining the history and culture of Columbia. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions recruits new members of the URC each fall. Members undergo extensive training in the spring before becoming full URC members.

The URC consists of an Advisory Board, which is made up of roughly fifteen upperclassmen who help administer the varying programs put on by the URC, and the general body, which is made up of over 150 active tour guides. In addition to the URC, the Multicultural Recruitment Committee (MRC) and the Global Recruitment Committee (GRC) also support the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in recruiting students.


  • Days on Campus
  • Phone-a-thons to admitted students
  • Lion's Den
  • Online chats to prospective students
  • The Alma Mater Program, whereby students return to their high school over break to present about Columbia
  • Overnight & Lunch visit programs, through which prospective high school seniors stay overnight or have lunch with a Columbia student in the fall
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