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The Nine Ways of Knowing is Barnard's loose version of the Columbia College Core Curriculum. Because it lacks tailor-made courses (other than the First Year Seminar), however, and can be fulfilled with specialized rather than general education courses, it's more like a distribution requirement than a true Core. Appropriately, it consists of nine areas of thought, requiring completion of one or two listed courses in each:

  • Reason and Value - 1 course
  • Social Analysis - 1 course
  • Historical Studies - 1 course
  • Cultures in Comparison - 1 course
  • Laboratory Science - 2 courses in one science
  • Quantitative and Deductive Reasoning - 1 course
  • Language - study through at least the fourth semester
  • Literature - 1 course
  • The Visual and Performing Arts - 1 course

Barnard women also have to take a First Year Seminar, a semester of First Year English, and 1 semester of PE.

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