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The “ALPHA Standards of Excellence” are Columbia University initiative that was instituted to uphold and promote community standards of philanthropy, service, and fraternal development. The ongoing recognition of Columbia fraternities and sororities depends on their meeting or exceeding the requirements of these standards. The standards encourage academic success, community service, philanthropy, campus involvement, and leadership development. Examples of ALPHA Standards include:

  • Educational Standards

Chapters must complete educational workshops and events on topics like sexual violence, drugs & alcohol, criminal liability & basic legal concepts, and risk management & insurance coverage. They also must host two workshops or shared experiences of their choice: the first must develop critical thinking skills, and the second must develop skills and understanding in leadership, communication, and membership.

  • Philanthropy & Community Service

Chapters must organize and execute a large-scale event that benefits an organization of their choice. Over 60% of a chapter’s members must participate in at least one of the philanthropy events sponsored by other Inter-Greek Council organizations. In addition to this, all Greek individuals must complete at least 10 hours of community service per semester.

  • Involvement on Campus

Chapters must collaborate with a non-Greek campus organization to plan and execute a large-scale event consisting of an educational program or leadership workshop. Over 60% of a chapter must be involved in another non-Greek student organization. Chapters must also have members who hold executive officer positions in recognized non-Greek student organizations.

Columbia’s Office of Residential Programs rewards chapters that exceed the standards and make a significantly large positive impact on their campus and community while fulfilling their organization’s mission and vision.

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