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Warning: You probably shouldn't take too much of this too seriously!

The Ground Rules

  • You are pre-frosh. Do not talk endlessly about things you know nothing about (like the Core, or Barnard, or SEAS). Read WikiCU religiously. And even then, respect your elders.
  • RESPECT YOUR ELDERS. We are the reason why you:
    • Get into athletics games for free.
    • Why JJ's Place is open until 4 am
    • ...Lerner til 3
    • ...and Butler 'round the clock.
    • Why you can drink at Baker Field.
    • Why you'll have a better pass-fail option.
    • Why apparently Frontiers of Science is freakin' OPTIONAL. (???)

Everything you enjoy has come from the blood, sweat, and tears of your predecessors. When they bitch you out for being prefrosh, it's because they've earned the right. It's part of the acceptance hazing process at Columbia. We'll learn to love you. Eventually.

  • Please drop the "We are/are gonna be the most amazing class ever!" comments. Share them among yourselves. Don't post them on The Bwog. Jaded upperclassmen WILL bite.
  • Do not cop an attitude about attending Columbia College like you're better than SEAS or Barnard. No, really. It's pointless, naive, and childish. And it makes you look insecure. Both you and your SEAS classmates are going to end up working in i-banking anyway.
  • Ask questions. We'll be happy to answer. Don't make statements. We will belittle you.
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