College Walk of Shame (116th Annual Varsity Show)

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College Walk of Shame was the title of the 116th Annual Varsity Show, which debuted in Roone Arledge Auditorium on April 30, 2010 and ran until May 2. The title is a reference to both College Walk and one of the central plot points, the 'walk of shame' students make in mornings when returning home from the room of a sexual partner.

Creative Team

  • Director: Ameneh Bordi (CC '10)
  • Producer: Cody Haefner
  • Producer: Ajit Pillai
  • Writer: Peter Labuza
  • Writer: Patrick McGuire
  • Composer/Lyricist: Evan Johnston
  • Composer/Lyricist: Matthew Star
  • Choreographer: Meredith Kirk
  • Art Director: Cayle Pietras (CC '09)


  • Alex Hare CC ‘13
  • Ben Russell CC ‘12
  • David Offit GS/JTS ‘13
  • Emily Feinstein BC ‘13
  • Hannah Kloepfer CC ‘13
  • Hillary Kritt BC ‘12
  • Jenny Vallancourt BC ‘11
  • John Goodwin CC ‘12
  • Pat Blute CC ‘12
  • Spencer Oberman GS ‘12
  • Tessa Slovis BC ‘13
  • Yonatan Gebeyehu CC ‘11

Preceded by
Misery Loves Columbia
Varsity Show performances 
Succeeded by
117th Annual Varsity Show (forthcoming)
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