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The Combined Plan Program in Engineering is a special degree program within SEAS which takes several forms but ultimately results in obtaining two degrees in a compressed amount of time.


This is the program typically referred to as the "Combined Plan" or "3-2 Program". Students in the program complete three years earning their bachelor of arts degree (either at CC, GS, or Barnard, or at another one of a list of approved universities and colleges) and then transfer to SEAS to complete their bachelor of science in two years.

When students from other universities enter the program, they are considered juniors, even though they also technically completed a "junior" year (3rd year) at the institution that granted their B.A. Students doing an internal 3-2 typically continue to identify with their entering class, considering themselves a "senior" in their fourth year and then a "super senior" in the fifth year.

SEAS also allows for a "4-2 Program", which is essentially the same as the 3-2 Program, but students apply in the senior year and begin their engineering degree after completing all four years at their prior undergraduate institution. This is more rare than the 3-2 Program, but not unheard of.


SEAS does allow a certain number of students to complete a compressed B.A./M.S. program, provided the B.A. is in physics, mathematics, chemistry, or other physical sciences. This is known as the "4-2 MS Program".

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