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Peter "Coogan" Brennan was a student in the Columbia College class of 2008. He has since dropped out, and is the director of the Manhattan Project. The Manhattan Project aims to "foment the decentralization of information". He hopes one day to have greater mental capacity to finish his degree.

American New Wave

Brennan supports American New Wave philosophy to fill the void left by Post-modernism. American New Wave philosophy believes the element of technology in Cyberpunk could clarify modern existence. Despite this relationship, American New Wave philosophy should not be confused with cybermodernism. It may also be referred to as spiritual humanism.

Luminaries of American New Wave include the Coen Brothers, Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, Ellen Page, David Max Guthrez, Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Burton and M. Six Silberman [1].

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