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Frat Row as seen from the fourth floor of Butler Library

Frat Row is the stretch of 114th St between Broadway and Amsterdam where a lot of fraternities and sororities are located. Some also extend the definition to 113th St, where a number of other fraternity houses are located.

Since Operation Ivy League cleared out Pi Kappa Alpha, Psi Upsilon, and Alpha Epsilon Pi—and the Brownstone Review Committee replaced them with Q House, Lambda Phi Epsilon, and Alpha Chi Omega—the 113th definition is gaining weight.

Other buildings on the north of Frat Row are Carman, Butler, and John Jay. Other buildings on the south are Ruggles and the entrance to Broadway and Hogan. If you live in one of these buildings and face Frat Row (or are even studying in Butler late on a weekend night), the noise from the frats can be pretty intolerable.

Houses on 114th

Houses on 113th


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