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* Limit of one entrée per trip to hot bar.
* Limit of one entrée per trip to hot bar.
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Hewitt Dining Hall is located on the Barnard campus on the first floor of Hewitt Hall. Columbia students with a meal plan can redeem meals here through Columbia's affiliation with Barnard. Many students suffer its longer wait times (dining staff hand serve all students) for the generally higher quality food. Lines are normally the longest at the stir fry, sandwich bar, and hot bar. Hewitt also offers a large Kosher section and often has more vegan and vegetarian options.


  • Hot bar: menus is changed daily, and one entrée is allowed per trip to the bar
    • Vegetarian entrée
    • Vegan entrée
    • 2 meat entrées
    • 3 side dishes
  • Permanent features
    • Pizza
    • Sandwich bar
    • Stir fry
    • Salad bar
    • Vegan bar


  • Vastly superior food quality.
  • Normally has better dessert selection.
  • Offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner (as opposed to John Jay's two meals per day).
  • Meals are secretly cheaper than those at John Jay.


  • During peak times, lines can be quite long.
  • Seating can be difficult to locate.
  • For first-timers, locating the dining hall is next to impossible. (See page on Barnard tunnel system.)
  • Fewer options.
  • Distance from campus.
  • Limit of one entrée per trip to hot bar.
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