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'''Hewitt Hall''' is a [[Barnard]] residence hall on [[The Quad]].
'''Hewitt Hall''' is a [[Barnard College|Barnard]] residence hall on [[The Quad]].
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== Floor plans ==
== Floor plans ==
Floor plans are available at [http://barnard.edu/reslife/floorplans/Hewitt.pdf http://barnard.edu/reslife/floorplans/Hewitt.pdf].
Floor plans are available at [http://barnardreslife.org/floorplans/hewitt.pdf http://barnardreslife.org/floorplans/hewitt.pdf].
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* [http://www.barnard.edu/reslife/floorplans/Hewitt.pdf Hewitt Floor Plans]
* [http://www.barnard.edu/reslife/floorplans/Hewitt.pdf Hewitt Floor Plans]
[[Category:Barnard residence halls]]
[[Category:Barnard residence halls]]

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Hewitt Residence Hall
Address The Quad (3009 Broadway)
Population 215
Barnard Residential Life and Housing

600 W 116th616 W 116th620 W 116th601 W 110thBrooksCathedral GardensElliottHewittPlimptonReidSulzberger Tower

Hewitt Hall is a Barnard residence hall on The Quad.



Hewitt is the only Barnard campus building designed by Columbia master planners McKim, Mead, and White. It was built between 1924 and 1925, and was the fourth building on the Barnard campus site.[1]


Hewitt has 8 corridor-style floors, made up of mostly singles (and a few doubles & triples).

The Hewitt Dining Hall is in the basement. All residents of Hewitt are required to participate in the Quad Upperclass meal plan.

A number of offices, including Furman Counseling Center and the Office of Disability Services, are located on the 1st Floor.


The Sulzberger and Brooks entrances are wheelchair accessible and elevators stop at all floors.

Floor plans

Floor plans are available at http://barnardreslife.org/floorplans/hewitt.pdf.


  • Almost all single rooms
  • Non-airshaft views
  • Relatively convenient location
  • Floors are usually quiet
  • Anti-social corridor style layout


  • No kitchen (except for one usually smelly communal kitchen on each floor of the adjoining Sulzberg building)
  • Required Quad Upperclass meal plan
  • Thin walls
  • No air conditioning
  • Anti-social corridor style layout


  1. AIA Guide to NYC, 2010, p. 502


Building address

3009 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

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