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Hoot Magazine is the second ever, and currently the only student-run fashion publication of Columbia University. Founded in fall 2009 by freshpeople Noel Duan and Jina Lim (Both CC '13), Hoot Magazine was received official club recognition by Barnard SGA in fall 2010. The group is responsible for both a blog (http://blog.hootmag.org/) as well as semesterly magazine issues (which can also be read online)



The magazine was first created through the initiatives of Columbia College students Noel Duan and Jina Lim, both class of 2013. Their shared interest in fashion and disheartening lack of fashion-related groups on campus fueled them to fully develop what could have been just an optimist NSOP dream. The first issue, featuring Real Housewives Kelly Killoren Bensimon, was published in the Spring 2010 semester, in both an online and print edition.

Hoot began as a subset of CU Couture, the fashion club of the Columbia University community, but after a year of budget and licensing controversy, the editors of the magazine decided to seek recognition of Barnard College's Student Government Association in the fall 2010 semester. Hoot now is now a sovereign entity with it's own budget and funds from generous donations from the Gatsby Foundation and private sponsors.


Each semester Hoot, in coalition with CU Couture and the Earth Coalition, holds the Go Green Clothing Swap in the Lerner student center at which students are able to bring their old clothes to donate or trade for a new invigorating wardrobe. All remaining clothing is donated to various shelters in New York City.

In April 2010 Hoot Magazine and APAAM (Aisian Pacific American Awareness Month) co-hosted Asian Americans in the Fashion Industry, a panel celebrating the sucess of Asian American designers in the world of fashion.

The panel consisted of

  • SuChin Pak, MTV Correspondent (acting as the evening's moderator)
  • Humberto Leon, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Opening Ceremony
  • Carol Lim, CEO and Co-Founder of Opening Ceremony
  • Joe Zee, Creative Director of ELLE & Stylist (newest confirmed panelist!)
  • Tina Chai, Stylist & Columbia College alumna
  • Phillip Lim, Fashion Designer
  • Patrick Li, Creative Director of Li, Inc
  • Ujjwala Raut, Model
  • EJ Samson, Online Editor of Teen Vogue
  • Arabelle Sicardi, Fashion Blogger
  • Aya T. Kanai, Stylist

Proceeds from ticket sales were donated to the Tibetan Children's Project.

The Magazine and Current Members

The second issue of Hoot was published in Fall 2010 and featured alum Tinsley Mortimor. At the conclusion of the spring 2010 semester Co-Founder Jina Lim stepped down from her Co- Editor in chief position to assume the title of Beauty Editor. Noel Duan is currently the only Editor in Chief.

Current Staff:

  • Editor in Chief: Noel Duan (CC ’13)


  • Design Director: Sharon Wu (CC ’13)

Design Editors:

  • Ginny Bao (CC ’13)
  • Cathi Choi (CC ’13)
  • Aisling Hunt (BC '13)
  • Nicole Chiang (BC ’14)
  • Rashmi Borah (BC ’14)
  • Hannah Keiler (CC ’14)
  • Zi Lin (BC ’13)

Design Assistants:

  • Fran Bullard (BC ’14)
  • Yishu Huang (CC ’11)
  • Katie Lee (BC ’14)
  • Victoria Musselman (BC ’14)
  • Allie Yee (BC ’11)


  • Style Director: Michele Levbarg-Klein (CC ‘12)
  • Accessories Director: Anna Cooperberg (CC ‘12)
  • Creative Director: Vivian Luo (CC ‘12)
  • Menswear Director: Martin Hamery (CC ‘13)
  • Assistant Market Editor: Alexandra Gaspard (CC ’14)
  • Associate Stylist: Lydia Ding (CC ’13)
  • Fashion Writer: Gayoung Kim (CC ‘14)
  • Menswear Writer: Augusto Corvalan (CC ‘13)


  • Beauty + Health Director: Jina Lim (CC ‘13)
  • Beauty Editor: Sharon Shum (CC ’13)
  • Beauty Visuals Associate: Edson Bobadilla (CC ‘13)
  • Beauty Associate: Emma Stein (CC ‘14)


  • Features Director: Carla Vass (BC ‘11)
  • Features Editor: Constance Boozer (CC ’13)
  • Interviews Assistant: Jennifer Ong (CC ’12)
  • Features Writer: Paul Hsiao (CC ’12)
  • Features Writer: Allison Malecha (CC ’13)
  • Copy Editor: Katie Lee (BC ’14)
  • Copy Editor: Alexandra Lotero (CC ’12)
  • Copy Editor: Hannah C. Tippett (BC ’14)


  • Arts + Entertainment Director: Nicole Estevez (CC ‘13)


  • Photo Director: Damian Tran (GS ‘14)


  • Public Relations Director: Donia Abdelaziz (CC ‘12)

Public Relations Assistants:

  • Allie Davitt (CC ’12)
  • Rakhi Agrawal (BC ‘14)
  • Nina Ahuja (BC ‘14)
  • Shelby Maniccia (BC ‘14)
  • Kavisha Khanuja (BC ‘14)
  • Kathy Sun (CC ‘14
  • Kinnari Norojono (CC ’14)
  • Alexandra Shapiro (BC ’14)
  • Ayelet Pearl (BC ’14)


  • Publisher: Kavitha Surana (CC ‘11)
  • Associate Publisher: Tina Tsuchiyama (BC ’13)
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