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Sing, Muse.

It's all about Kleos, duh.

Lit Hum I Lite

  • Achilles is a whiny momma's Boy
  • Odysseus has crazy sex appeal
  • Herodotus makes stuff up
  • Thucydidies likes to think he's a real historian. Makes up quotes.
  • Oedipus loved his Mother.
  • Clytemnestra is a stone cold bitch
  • Medea is a psycho femi-nazi
  • The greeks had sex with little boys. And Socrates makes stuff up.
  • The old testament God is schizophrenic
  • It sucks to be Job

Lit Hum II Lite

  • Not only did Virgil plagiarize the whole thing, Aeneas is the pussiest hero in all of literature to boot
  • Babies are evil!
  • Which circle of hell will your i-banker and lawyer parents go to?
  • Ten people had an orgy in the countryside.
  • Find out all about my medieval eating and shitting schedule.
  • It's not just King Lear who's fucked up. or Hamlet is deep down just a poor emo kid.
  • Don Quixote's fucked up too.
  • A woman's place is in marriage (and in the kitchen). Don't elope.
  • Murderer!
  • Time passes. There's a window. More time passes. There's a painting. More time passes. Welcome to the boring world of modernist garbage.
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