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The Blue and White is an undergraduate magazine. The magazine is an outlet for intellectual and political discussion, literary publication, and general parody. It has recently begun to foray into in-depth pieces on campus life and politics.

Among its popular features are designations of Campus Characters, snippets of campus gossip, and "Digitalia Columbiana", pieces of writing culled from campus computers.

The current editor in chief is Taylor Walsh, who succeeded Avi Zvi Zenilman.



The Blue and White was founded in 1890. It disbanded for unknown reasons in 1893. In 1998, a handful of undergraduates revived the journal based on the original format. The staff has since grown to several dozen writers and contributors. In 2005, the magazine switched to monthly editions, affirming its presence on the campus. Recently, the magazine has focused more on pieces of "hard" journalism, in contradistinction to its former, less serious, and more literary character.

The Blue and White staff meets in the crypt of St Paul's Chapel. Meetings are inaugurated with a bizarre ritual known as "pokey", in which two staffers grab each others' hands and attempt to poke one another with their index fingers.

The Bwog

In 2006, The Blue and White established The Bwog, a blog counterpart to the magazine. The Bwog publishes gossip and other Columbia news around the clock.

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