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The 2007-2008 Columbia East Asia Review Editorial Board

The Columbia East Asia Review is an all-undergraduate, peer-reviewed scholarly journal dedicated to the promotion of research and interdisciplinary dialogue on East and Southeast Asian affairs. CEAR has three primary goals: first, to publish superior undergraduate research on East and Southeast Asia; second, to educate undergraduate contributors and CEAR editors about the academic publication process; and third, to foster interest and idea exchange in the fields of East and Southeast Asian Studies.

The Columbia East Asia Review and The Oscar Lee Symposium of East Asian Studies together make up the Columbia Undergraduate East Asian Studies Initiative (CUEASI).

The third edition of the journal launched in April 2010. All three editions are available on the journal's website.


The journal is supported by the Weatherhead East Asian Institute and the EALAC department. It is also closely linked to the Oscar Lee Symposium of Undergraduate East Asian Studies.

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Executive Board Members


  • Kristina Sweet (GS '11), Editor in Chief
  • Lizzie Shen (CC '11), Managing Editor