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Korean Students Association
Ksalogo small.jpg
Founded: Unknown
Recognition: ABC
Membership: 300+
Executive Board: 5
Category: Cultural
Website: http://www.columbia.edu/cu/ksa/
Contact: ksa@columbia.edu

The Korean Students Association or KSA is a student group that seeks to celebrate and promote Korean cultural heritage at Columbia. The group is recognized by the Activities Board at Columbia and its general body has more than 300 members from Columbia College, SEAS, and Barnard.

Board Structure

The KSA board is made up of four positions: freshman representatives, programming officers, senior advisors, and the executive board. There are approximately 20 members on the board, although the exact number varies from year to year.

  • Freshman Representative: As the title suggests, "freshman reps" are comprised of approximately seven to eight freshman who assist programming officers and the executive board in both planning and running events. They are recruited in the fall of each school year.
  • Programming Officer: Made up of sophomores and juniors, programming officers are responsible for leading various subcommittees and play an important role in organizing major KSA events.
  • Senior Adviser: Senior advisors are experienced members of KSA who become mentors and guides for the board members.
  • Executive Board: The executive board is a five member team that oversees both the board and the general body. They are responsible for the logistical, functional, and financial aspects of the club and provides essential leadership for the rest of the board. The EBoard positions are: President, Vice President External, Vice President Internal, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Major Events

Freshman Mixer

KSA's first event of the academic year, the Freshman Mixer allows new students to meet the current KSA board as well as other freshmen who are interested in Korean culture. The event also provides students with information about KSA's annual activities and mission. Snacks are usually served.


A club party co-hosted by ATP NY, Columbia KSA, NYU KSA, and Rutgers KSA, ESCAPE is the largest bi-annual Korean collaboration on the East Coast, with hundreds of students from all over the city attending each year. Recent venues that have hosted ESCAPE include Crimson Club, Pacha NYC, and Stage 48. The DJs also vary from event to event.


KSA Family ("Gajok")


"Pojangmacha" (포장마차) refers to small tented stalls in Korea that sell a variety of street foods. Each year, KSA replicates this popular tradition by setting up tents and tables on Low Plaza and selling a variety of Korean street foods (such as kimbab, ddeokbokki, kimchi, japchae, odeng, etc) at an affordable cost. KSA also offers a discount to students who attend the event with their entire KSA family and prizes are raffled off at the end of the night. Pojangmacha draws more than 200 students each year and is one of the most popular events hosted by KSA.

Freshman Date Auction

KSA Ski Trip

Korean Students Association Culture Show (KSACS)

Block Party

Executive Board


  • President: Grace Kim
  • Vice President External: Justin Hahn
  • Vice President Internal: Madeline Kim
  • Treasurer: Philip Lee
  • Secretary: Wendy Choi


  • President: Daniel Kim
  • Vice President External: Bou Lee
  • Vice President Internal: Justin Hahn
  • Treasurer: James Kim
  • Secretary: Geegee Burapachaisri

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