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The London School of Economics (LSE) is a graduate and undergraduate school of economics and political science. Located, as its name suggests, in London, UK, it is a constituent part of the University of London.

The school is considered prestigious outside the UK, leading to many foreign students attending (the school's initials are sometimes said to stand for "Let's See Europe," a reference to the number of students studying abroad there). However, it is not considered so prestigious within the country, possibly because of its reputation for churning out both investment bankers and socialist economists, meaning that it annoys everyone on the ideological spectrum equally.

Columbia has a multitude of different exchange programs with the school, most of which are somewhat murky and unknown to the majority of students. One is a joint MA in international history that it recently negotiated offering with the History Department.

LSE has also become a popular place for Columbia grads heading for business or government to pick up a masters.