Economics of Money and Banking

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Economics of Money and Banking. Many people take this course with Perry Mehrling.



  1. The Four Prices of Money
  2. Natural Hierarchy of Money
  3. US Monetary History
  4. The Balance Sheet Approach

Banking as a Clearing System

  1. The Central Bank as a Clearinghouse
  2. Final Settlement, Fed Funds
  3. Postponing Settlement, Repo
  4. Reserves and the Money Standard
  5. International Monetary History

Banking as Market Making

  1. The Central Bank as a Market Maker
  2. Dealers:Liquid Security Markets
  3. Banks:The Market for Liquidity
  4. The Fed:Foreign Exchange
  5. Liquidity Crises and Discount Policy
  6. Review

Banking as Advance Clearing

  1. Futures and Forwards
  2. Liquidity and the Term Structure
  3. Life in Swap Land

Monetary Policy

  1. Open Market Operations OMO
  2. The Development of Orthodoxy
  3. The Challenge of Finance
  4. A Money View Response

Banking as Intermediation

  1. Financial Intermediation
  2. Banks as Intermediaries
  3. Bank Lending