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The Lion's logo

The Lion (often known as the "Columbia Lion" because of its URL, was a student blog launched in February of 2013. It's supposed to be like Bwog or Spectrum, but better, and more dedicated to humor. It shut down in December 2014.[1]

The Lion was the brainchild of Stephen Snowder, former Spectrum editor, and Jake Davidson, former Online Editor of the Columbia Daily Spectator. Davidson told The Blue and White, "[I]t became clear that Spec was too serious. We just wanted to be weird about it and make weird Columbia jokes"[2].

To protest the fact that many of the candidates in the CCSC 2013 elections were running unopposed, The Columbia Lion ran their own write-in ticket.[3] To no one's surprise, they lost, but received roughly 7% of the vote, the best ever showing by a write-in candidate.[4]


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