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The Lion's logo

The Lion (often known as the "Columbia Lion" because of its URL, is a student blog launched in February of [[2013]. It's supposed to be like Bwog or Spectrum, but better, and more dedicated to humor.

The Lion is the brainchild of Stephen Snowder, former Spectrum editor, and Jake Davidson, former Online Editor of the Columbia Daily Spectator. Davidson told The Blue and White, "[I]t became clear that Spec was too serious. We just wanted to be weird about it and make weird Columbia jokes"[1].

To protest the fact that many of the candidates in the CCSC 2013 elections were running unopposed, The Columbia Lion ran their own write-in ticket.[2] To no one's surprise, they lost, but received roughly 7% of the vote, the best ever showing by a write-in candidate.[3]


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