114th Street

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114th Street is the street that borders the southern end of the main quad of campus. The street is officially West 114th Street west of Lenox Ave (6th Ave). However, East 114th Street doesn't really exist, as east of Lenox Ave, housing projects occupy the blocks between 113th and 115th streets for almost the rest of the island. Only for one block does East 114th St run: between 1st Ave and Pleasant Ave (essentially FDR Drive).

West 114th Street is also a major street for campus housing, as six of Columbia's residence halls and eleven of its brownstones are located on the street. Many of the brownstones are fraternities, and between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, the street doubles as Columbia's Frat Row. There are also two campus gates on the street: Carman Gate and John Jay Gate, both of which were gifts of the Class of 1905.

Campus buildings on 114th Street

Other significant buildings & places

  • Class of 1929 (John Jay) gate
  • Class of 1929 (Carman) gate
  • St. Luke's (east of Amsterdam)