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Although Columbia's Morningside Heights campus stretches from 114th to 120th Streets, 116th Street remains its symbolic address, the location (on both the Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue sides) of the campus's main gate. Between these gates, 116th Street is a pedestrianized preserve known as College Walk, the property of the school since the tenure of University President Eisenhower in the 1950s. 116th and Broadway is also the location of Columbia's subway station.

Within Morningside Heights, 116th Street extends only a block in either direction from campus. On the western side, it passes Casa Hispanica and the intersection with Claremont Avenue before ending at Riverside Drive in front of Riverside Park. On the eastern side, it passes the entrance to the law school, Deutsches Haus, Wien Hall, and the President's House before ending at Morningside Drive in front of Morningside Park. East of Morningside Park, the street picks up again, passing through a heavily Senegalese part of Harlem. There is another 116th St. station down there, on the 2/3 lines, that confused freshmen always wind up at late at night, prompting the need for a steep and unsafe climb of the steps in Morningside Park.

Significant buildings & places

  • College Walk (between Broadway & Amsterdam)
  • FedEx Office Ship Center (600 W 116th St)
  • Columbia University Dental (430 W 116th St)
  • Columbia University Tutoring and Translating Agency