125th Street

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125th Street is the main thoroughfare of Harlem. Once a mainstay of black culture in New York City, it is now populated by a considerable number of chain stores, including Starbucks, Old Navy, and H&M. There's also a 9-screen AMC movie theater (along with, of course, the world famous Apollo Theater).

Significant buildings & places

  • Bx12 bus station (at 12th Ave)
  • Cotton Club
  • Computer Music Center at Columbia (632 W 125th St)
  • McDonald's (at Broadway)
  • 125th Street subway station
  • Bank of America ATM (at Broadway)
  • Subway Restaurant (578 W 125th St)
  • Lincoln Fried Chicken (576 W 125th St)
  • Duane Reade (568 W 125th St)
  • Chase ATM (560 W 125th St)
  • Luwam (Ethiopian food; 545 W 125th St)
  • Manhattan Pentecostal Church
  • Antioch Baptist Church
  • George Bruce Library (branch of New York Public Library)
  • Lucille Roberts

Thar Be Dragons

Some Columbia students consider this to be the far northern boundary of Morningside Heights and fear treading beyond it. Many such students choose, absurdly, to shop at the same chain stores available on 125th Street at their far downtown locations.

Getting there

Instead of taking the (1) train to the 125th Street subway station, it's best to take the M60 bus, which stops at 116 and Broadway and runs all along 125th Street. Be careful not to go too far, or you'll end up in Queens, at LaGuardia Airport. Pathmark, at Lexington Avenue on the East Side, is two stops before the RFK Bridge to Queens.