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309 Havemeyer Hall

309 Havemeyer, a grandiose lecture hall, is considered the "signature architectural feature" of Charles Follen McKim's original six building campus. The hall features features a 40-foot domed ceiling, 330 tiered seats, a brass railed gallery, and a 40-foot oak demonstration table. Undergraduates have been known to sleep through General Chemistry lectures in the gallery of the hall.

The room was the setting for Prangstgrüp's famous "Lecture Musical". Moreover, it has been featured in over a dozen films, including Spike Lee's Malcolm X, Awakenings, Barbra Streisand's The Mirror Has Two Faces, both Ghostbusters films, Mona Lisa Smile, all three original Spider-Man films and, most recently, Kinsey.

Complete list of movies & television shows filmed in Havemeyer 309

Lecture Musical


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