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The Allied Destructive Hackers Of Columbia (ADHOC) were a group of students that would go into the tunnels and in general wreak minor havoc by breaking things and messing with or stealing equipment. Ken Hechtman was their leader and most famous member. Their tags are still seen throughout the tunnels.

ADHOC was a short-lived group, which existed for only a few months in 1986 while Ken Hechtman was at Columbia. Following Hechtman's expulsion for the theft and possession of uranium, a group called "Students against ADHOC" effectively shut ADHOC's activities down.

Things they are known to have done:

  • Black out buildings
  • Steal equipment, papers, and chemicals
  • Break equipment and bathroom stalls
  • Tag nearly everywhere in the tunnels
  • Summit the Low Library dome undetected in 1986, which is still easily accessible.