Amsterdam Restaurant and Tapas Lounge

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Amsterdam Restaurant and Tapas Lounge, formerly called "Amsterdam Cafe" or "AmCaf" for short, was located on Amsterdam Avenue and 119th St. It also used to be awesome, and then it was less awesome, and now it's gone.

In the days of yore prior to 2004, Columbia students could get pitchers of cheap beer from 6 pm until closing time, making it a hangout on par with the West End, which has since undergone its own unfortunate metamorphosis into a Cuban restaurant known as Havana Central. Recently unearthed historical evidence has demonstrated that Columbia students enjoyed Am Caf at least as far back as 1983. Now, the place maintains a strangely classy air, and serves overpriced (but tasty) food. The titular tapas are horribly overpriced. Drinks are unsurprisingly costly as well, but the place offers a decent happy hour deal: $6 cocktails from 3-7 on weekdays.

The lounge space remained a somewhat popular destination, especially among grad students and engineers due to its location. It hosts events on occasion, but not have to put on neckties just to enter the damn place so you can pay $11 for a fruit-flavored martini.

The predominantly out-of-neighborhood crowd that used to frequent Radio Perfecto migrated to Amsterdam Lounge when RP closed. As such, Amsterdam was a constant source of noise complaints. And shootings.[1] It closed in June 2015.