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'''Andrew Kang''' M.S. '10, Ph.D. '17[[SEAS]] is the current president of the [[Engineering Graduate Student Council]].
'''Andrew Kang''' MS'10, PhD'13[[SEAS]] was president of the [[Engineering Graduate Student Council]] from [[2010]]-[[2012]].  He is pursuing his [[Ph.D.]] in [[Biomedical Engineering Department|Biomedical Engineering]].
{{succession|preceded=[[Timur Dykhne]]|succeeded=Incumbent|office=President of the [[EGSC]]|years=2010-Present}}
{{succession|preceded=[[Timur Dykhne]]|succeeded=[[David Parker]]|office=President of the [[EGSC]]|years=2010-2012}}
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[[Category:EGSC presidents|Kang]]
[[Category:SEAS students]]
[[Category:SEAS students|Kang]]
[[Category:Biomedical engineering majors|Kang]]

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Andrew Kang MS'10, PhD'13SEAS was president of the Engineering Graduate Student Council from 2010-2012. He is pursuing his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering.

Preceded by
Timur Dykhne
President of the EGSC 
Succeeded by
David Parker