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Aries Dela Cruz GS09 graduated from Columbia with a BA in anthropology. He was a tireless advocate for the LGBTQ and GS communities at Columbia. Much like Barry Weinberg, with whom he co-founded the Advocates for the Arts Initiative, he has an intimate understanding of how the Administration actually works. He now works for a progressive politics group in New York City.

Involvement at Columbia

While at Columbia, he was primarily involved with the Spectator and the Queer Alliance. He was a member of the university-level LGBT Steering Committee, as well as on the planning committee for the first three Lavender Graduation ceremonies. He was also a member of the Judicial Committee and the Senior Fund. He chaired a taskforce to integrate GS students into the programs of the Office of Multicultural Affairs.



After graduating, he co-founded the Advocates for the Arts Initiative with Barry Weinberg. He is a member of GS's Recent Alumni Leadership Committee. In the real world, he's the head of Communications for Citizens Union, a progressive "good government" group.[1] Years of tangling with Columbia's administration prepared him well for dealing with New York City politics.


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