Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

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APAHM's logo, created by Graphic Design Chair '15-'16 Isabel Chun

APAHM, or Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, is an annual series of events taking place in the month of April to celebrate and promote Asian American and Pacific Island culture. The series was known as Asian Pacific American Awareness Month (APAAM) until 2011, when the name was changed.

Barnard College and Columbia University APAHM is organized by a committee that dedicates itself to organizing a wide range of programs for the month of April. The goal is to bring broader awareness of the Asian American/ APIA community and its rich history to campus. During that month, APAHM celebrates the culture, investigates the issues, and showcases the talents of Asian Pacific Islander Americans within and beyond the Columbia community. Every April, APAHM organizes and cosponsors up to a dozen events and presents a calendar of events for the month.

The first event of the month, which usually takes place on the first weekend of April, is called APAHM Opening Ceremony. The exciting event brings in a keynote speaker--usually an influential Asian/Pacific Islander American in the community--and showcases student group talent along with a free dinner for all attendees.

The monthly events following Opening Ceremony are broad in content, ranging from concerts to interactive panels to poetry slams to film screenings to social galas. Beginning in 2015, APAHM has also created its own self-published Zine every April (Issue 1: Rice Paper, and Issue 2: Compass). Previous events have covered topics such as Asians in Comics, Asian American Cuisine, Lantern Festivals, and more!


  • Composed of an Executive Board and Event Chairs, each of whom takes charge of their own event.
  • Famous past APAHM members include Dchow, Hyunwook Lee, Laura, Harrison / Daddy, Xinni aka Beyonce, Princess Paulina, Bryceratops, Edmund PikaQIU, Ni

APAHM Previous Year Calendars

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