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Avi "Zvi" Zenilman, CC '07, was the editor-in-chief of The Blue and White. He debated Chris Kulawik on The O'Reilly Factor after the Minuteman stage-rush in October 2006[1]. This performance was described by one Bwog poster as "[having] his bleeding, swollen ass handed back to him." A poster claiming to be Avi said in reply "I'm still waiting for it to be handed back to me." Avi is also known for not having a sense of smell.

After graduation, he first worked for POLITICO, a DC-based political news website. He later worked as online editor of the New Yorker and a reporter for the iPad newspaper The Daily, before co-founding the New York-based political website National Memo.

After becoming disillusioned with National Memo, he abandoned New York journalism and enrolled in nursing school in Baltimore.

Preceded by
Zach Bendiner
Editor in Chief of The Blue and White 
Succeeded by
Taylor Walsh