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Bacchanal is a student-run organization under ABC that plans a variety of events, including Columbia's annual spring festival, Concert on the Steps, among other pimping projects like carnivals, parties and other insanities.

The spring concert is a free concert on the steps of Low open to the Columbia student population. Its aim is to increase school spirit and release some of the students' stress before the end of the year exams. Past performers include: Big Gigantic, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Vampire Weekend, Kanye West and Bob Saget. The spring concert is a culmination of a week-long series of fun activities, such as a spring bbq, inviting food trucks onto college walk, and a public movie screenings on 4/20. There are more events, which change drastically every year depending on a theme decided by members of Bacchanal. Past themes have included 'Baccha90s', 'Abacchalypse', and 'Chewbacchanal'.

Other events Bacchanal organizes includes the Fall Concert, hosted in Lerner Party Space. The 2012-2013 Fall Concert will be on November 16th in Lerner Party Space. This is a more intimiate and smaller dance party. Previous artists for the fall concert includes Micky Avalon. Tickets are heavily subsidized by Bacchanal, are sold from the Tic office. This year, Bacchanal is expanding their events to include Lowlapalooza, a day long music festival showcasing Columbia musicians in association with CU Records. Bacchanal is also open to other suggestions or projects that students bring to their attention.

To raise revenue, Bacchanal sells an assortment of schwag merchandise, most prominently homecoming t-shirts. These are to be sold in the week before homecoming on the Lerner ramps.