Bacchanal Events

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Bacchanal Events
Founded: 2000?
Recognition: ABC
Membership: ~30
Executive Board: Jody Zellman, Alex Kirk, Daniel Weinstein, Cleo McGovern, Helena Honig, Kay Sorin
Category: Special interest
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Bacchanal Events is the name of the club that organizes Bacchanal. It was formerly called Columbia Special Events before a name change under administrative pressure to avoid confusion with university-wide official events. The club is recognized by ABC, despite fulfilling a role traditionally fulfilled by student councils at other schools. It is by far the largest group by allocation within ABC. Today it is a fast-growing student group whose announcement of the Spring Concert artists is eagerly anticipated.

At the beginning of 2008, Columbia Concerts, the planner of the Concert on the Steps, was officially incorporated into Bacchanal.

Both Columbia Special Events and Columbia Concerts trace their origin back to the Ferris Booth Hall Board of Managers, which in its later years served as a college-wide programming board.


  • In 2008, the theme of Bacchanal was BacchanALIENS, like Bacchanalians, get it?
  • In 2013, Bacchanal and Bwog got into a pissing match. To be brief, Bwog posted a rumor that it the Spring Concert headliner would be Macklemore, and Bacch. got mad. Then Bacch. said it wouldn't be. Then Bacch. released the news that it would be to Spec. And President Kay Sorin sent a mean email to a B&W first-year.

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