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Benjamin E. Apfel
Benjamin Apfel.jpg
Name: Benjamin E. Apfel
Birth Date: March 10, 1994
School: Columbia College
Graduation Year: 2018
Awards and Recognition:
Occupation: Philosophy/Law
Family: Parents: Howard CC '86, Naomi CC '87. Spouse: Mikaella Bernstein CC '17.

Benjamin Apfel, CC '18 CLS '21, was one of the founding panelists for the Columbia Daily Spectator's column "Discourse and Debate"--a pioneering attempt by Spec to represent the intellectual diversity of Columbia's student body. Therein, Benjamin argued for the right of professors to engage in political action, and penned a memorable defense of the virtues of the Columbia Football program. Before arriving at Columbia, Benjamin spent several years in an Ultra-Orthodox seminary in Jerusalem where he studied talmudic texts in Yiddish. Benjamin has spit bars at a Columbia hip hop society cypher, but was banned indefinitely due to his controversial content.