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Benjamin E. Apfel
Benjamin Apfel.jpg
Name: Benjamin E. Apfel
Birth Date: March 10, 1994
School: Columbia College
Graduation Year: 2018
Awards and Recognition: Nominee for King's Crown Award
Occupation: Philosophy/Law
Family: Parents: Howard CC '86, Naomi CC '87. Spouse: Mikaella Bernstein CC '17.

Benjamin Apfel, CC '18, CLS '21, was one of the founding panelists of the Columbia Daily Spectator column "Discourse and Debate"--a pioneering attempt by Spec to represent the intellectual diversity of Columbia's student body. Therein, Benjamin argued for the right of professors to engage in politicized speech in the classroom, and penned a memorable defense of the virtues of the Columbia Football program. Before arriving at Columbia, Benjamin spent several years in an Ultra-Orthodox seminary in Jerusalem where he studied talmudic texts in Yiddish. Benjamin has spit bars at a Columbia hip hop society cypher, but was banned indefinitely due to his controversial content.