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Elizabeth “Betsy” Ladyzhets, BC ’19 and McElroy brother enthusiast, was heavily involved in Bwog, the Columbia University Marching Band (CUMB), and the Columbia University Wind Ensemble. Everything in this entry actually happened. She double majored in Biology and English because she loves trees both as tall bois and paper. She recommends that you take a class with Margaret Vandenberg and read your Allen Ginsberg.

She is always hydrated.

Betsy joined Bwog in the fall of 2015 as its Thursday daily editor. She served two semesters as Managing Editor and spent one semester as Editor-In-Chief before resuming her role as Managing Editor for fall 2018. Most notable achievements as Editor-in-Chief include the appointment of a science editor and Fantasy Costco snacks.

Betsy brought her skill with the clarinet to the CUMB in the spring of 2016, although she was not a fully-initiated bandie until fall 2016. She served as travel manager from spring 2017 to fall 2017. During her tenure, she fixed a bus with nothing but a menstrual pad and successfully got the band to Brown Cornell despite two broken buses.

Betsy is also currently serving her third term as vice president of the Columbia University Wind Ensemble (CUWE). Nothing of note happened because CUWE is as pure as Maggie the Magnolia I, may she rest in peace.

Preceded by
Amara Banks
Bwog Editor 
Succeeded by
Youngweon Lee