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The Ferris Booth Hall Board of Managers (BOM) or just Board of Managers was a student government organization involved in the operation of Ferris Booth Hall. It was created in 1958 to coincide with the creation of a Student Union to operate inside the soon-to-be-completed Ferris Booth Hall. It succeeded the Social Affairs Committee of Student Board.

During the spring 1976 centralization of student activities which saw the Fourth Floor Cabinet and CCCSO merge to form the Student Union Polity, BOM was stripped of its role as the managers of Ferris Booth Hall, and instead empowered as only a programming body. Its control over calendaring and facilities allocation were shifted to the Polity's 'programming ganglion.'[1] From there BOM apparently evolved into a series of programming committees. BOM voted to dissolve itself in the spring of 1995, and reorganized into three successor autonomous programming boards: Ferris Reel Film Society, Columbia Concerts, and Columbia Special Events, which would be financially accountable to the Union of Student Organizations.[2] Columbia Special Events would be renamed Bacchanal Events (after the group's major spring festival) around 2004 or 2005 after the University expressed concern that the group's name might suggest it was a University office, and not a student group. Around 2008, Columbia Concerts was folded under Bacchanal Events.

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