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==Current Management==
==Current Management==
*[[:Category:Bwog editors|Editor in Chief]]: Youngweon Lee
*[[:Category:Bwog editors|Editor in Chief]]: Isabel Sepúlveda
*Managing Editor: [[Betsy Ladyzhets]]
*Managing Editor: Eva Sher
*Internal Editor: Sarah Kinney
*Internal Editor: Vivian Zhou
*Publisher: James Fast
*Publisher: [[Zack Abrams]]
*Associate Publisher: Nikolas Huth
*Associate Publisher: Charles Bacha
*Director of Communications: Katiana Klain
*Tech Editor: Solomia Dhazaman
*Tech: Kevin Chen, Fernando Pascual, Jack Damon
*Social Media Editor: Owen Fitzgerald-Diaz
*Social Media Editor: Zack Abrams
*Deputy Editors: Mary Clare Greenlees, Caroline Mullooly
*Deputy Editors:Jenny Zhu, TBD
*Events Editor: Brigid Cromwell
*Events Editor: TBD
*Deputy Events Editor: Aditi Misra
*Arts Editor: Riva Weinstein
*Arts Editor: Maya Campbell
*Sports Editor: Abby Rubel
*Deputy Arts Editor: Adam Kluge
*Science Editor: Alex Tang
*Sports Editor: Eunice Bae
*Senior Staff Writers: Sarah Dahl, Gabrielle Kloppers, Angelica Lagasca, Thomas Saenz, Sarah Harty, Isabel Sepúlveda, Zoe Sottile, Ramisa Murshed, Levi Cohen, Lucy Danger, Timmy Wu
*Science Editor: Sarah Braner
*Daily Editors: TBD
*Deputy Science Editor: Chloe Gong
*Staff Writers: Danielle Mikaelian, Mary Welsh, Cara Hudson-Erdman, Jake Tibbetts, Olga Ivleva, Iga Szlendak, Riya Mirchandaney, Michael Wang, Zoe Ewing
*Senior Staff Writers: TBD!
*Satow Room Bureau Chief (CCSC): Nadra Rahman
*Staff Writers: TBD!
*Diana Center Bureau Chief (SGA): Dassi Karp
*Satow Room Bureau Chief (CCSC): TBD!
*ESC Bureau Chief: Andrew Klauber
*Diana Center Bureau Chief (SGA): Eliza Staples
*GSSC Bureau Chief: Zoe Sottile
*ESC Bureau Chief: Lori Luo
*Editores Emeriti: [[Rachel Deal]], [[Amara Banks]], [[Andrew Klauber]], Victoria Arancio
*GSSC Bureau Chief: Olivia Mitchell
*Alma "Gwyneth" Bwogger: Jenny Zhu
*Editores Emeriti: Zoe Sottile
==See Also==
==See Also==

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Bwog's logo up to 2009.

Bwog, originally called The Bwog, started its existence as the blog of The Blue and White magazine, but has since then developed a life of its own separate from the magazine. Centered on campus news and gossip, it was launched on January 30th, 2006[1], by founding editor Taylor Walsh. The site was inspired by gossip blogs that began to be popular in New York in the mid-00s, especially Gawker. Some consider it to be snotty and elitist. Others consider it witty and entertaining. Most people read it regardless. It's generally understood that Bwog was great last year but now it sucks, regardless of the current year.


Bwog's 2012 redesign

Although it had already been active for months, Bwog went mainstream in October 2006 with its nearly real-time coverage of the Minuteman stage-rush incident, which did for it what the Gulf War did for CNN - made students realize that the blog medium, and Bwog in particular, was their most up to date source of campus news. A popular sister blog launched in 2008 to cover the exploits of Hawkmadinejad. The site has undergone three serious redesigns since inception, notably on January 1, 2009 and September 22, 2012. Both designs were met with immediate backlash from readers[2], but just like Facebook, eventually people stop complaining and continue using the site.

In 2010, the site celebrated its 100,000th entry comment. That same year, the site moved from Bwog.net to Bwog.com, for unclear reasons.

Common Features

  • Breaking news
  • Bwoglines
  • Coverage of protests / major campus events
  • LectureHops / RoomHops / OfficeHops / PeopleHops
  • Things overheard on campus
  • Student council meetings coverage that maybe 3 people read
  • Event listings
  • Rodent coverage
  • Free food announcements, far too close to the event time to be of any use
  • Internet culture features
  • BwogSex
  • On-campus theater reviews
  • Comments, with a reputation for being caustic and asinine
  • Senior Wisdom
  • Actual Wisdom
  • BwogWeather

Unlike Spec, Bwog stays active and running during finals. They immediately regretted that decision but such is life.


Despite what Columbia might insinuate, Bwog is not officially affiliated with the school--the organization does not get support or funding in any form from the university. It is an independent blog that the administration (often begrudgingly) acknowledges. It is completely student-run and managed, supported financially by ad sales.

Current Management

  • Editor in Chief: Isabel Sepúlveda
  • Managing Editor: Eva Sher
  • Internal Editor: Vivian Zhou
  • Publisher: Zack Abrams
  • Associate Publisher: Charles Bacha
  • Tech Editor: Solomia Dhazaman
  • Social Media Editor: Owen Fitzgerald-Diaz
  • Deputy Editors: Mary Clare Greenlees, Caroline Mullooly
  • Events Editor: Brigid Cromwell
  • Deputy Events Editor: Aditi Misra
  • Arts Editor: Maya Campbell
  • Deputy Arts Editor: Adam Kluge
  • Sports Editor: Eunice Bae
  • Science Editor: Sarah Braner
  • Deputy Science Editor: Chloe Gong
  • Senior Staff Writers: TBD!
  • Staff Writers: TBD!
  • Satow Room Bureau Chief (CCSC): TBD!
  • Diana Center Bureau Chief (SGA): Eliza Staples
  • ESC Bureau Chief: Lori Luo
  • GSSC Bureau Chief: Olivia Mitchell
  • Alma "Gwyneth" Bwogger: Jenny Zhu
  • Editores Emeriti: Zoe Sottile

See Also


  1. "You Can Take the Soviet Out of Russia...", Bwog, 1/30/06 - First post to Bwog
  2. "Looking for Feedback", Bwog, 9/23/12

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