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*[http://www.bwog.com Bwog]
*[http://www.bwog.com Bwog]
[[Category:Student blogs|Bwog]][[Category:Student Publications|Bwog]]
[[Category:Student blogs|Bwog]][[Category:Publications|Bwog]]

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Bwog's logo up to 2009.

Bwog is the blog of The Blue & White magazine, centered on campus news and gossip. It was launched on January 30th, 2006.[1] Some consider it to be snotty and elitist. Others consider it witty and entertaining. Most people read it regardless.


Bwog's 2012 redesign

Bwog launched into fame in October 2006 with its nearly real-time coverage of the Minuteman stage-rush incident. Bwog's founding editor was Taylor Walsh. A popular sister blog launched in 2008 to cover the exploits of Hawkmadinejad. The site has undergone three serious redesigns since inception, notably on January 1, 2009 and September 22, 2012. Both designs were met with immediate backlash from readers[2], but just like Facebook, eventually people stop complaining and continue using the site.

In 2010, the site celebrated its 100,000th entry comment. That same year, the site moved from Bwog.net to Bwog.com, for unclear reasons.

Common features

  • Breaking news
  • "Quick" versions of campus publications, especially the Spec
  • Coverage of protests / major campus events
  • Lecture hops
  • Things overheard on campus
  • Event listings
  • Free food announcements
  • Internet culture features
  • Comments, with a reputation for being caustic and asinine
  • Senior Wisdom
  • BwogWeather

See Also


  1. "You Can Take the Soviet Out of Russia...", Bwog, 1/30/06 - First post to Bwog
  2. "Looking for Feedback", Bwog, 9/23/12

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