CCSC Elections, 2007

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The CCSC elections of 2007 were held on March 28th and 29th. Columbia College students were allowed to vote for one CCSC party and two University Senator candidates, as well as one or more candidates for several other positions.


CCSC executive board

Three parties competed to form the next executive board: One Columbia, Rebel CC, and VOICE. One Columbia won the election with almost 60% of the vote, more than double their nearest competitor.

University Senate

Eight candidates ran for the University Senate, a very high number indeed. The winners were Eric Wang CC '08 and Felipe Tarud CC '08. Eric Wang probably won because he stood outside Lerner Hall all day for 2 days telling people to vote for him. Plus he had name recognition from his failed bid last year.

Class Council elections

Only one party each ran for the CC 2008 Class Council and CC 2009 Class Council, which rendered voting for them totally redundant. Neda Navab's incumbent [Access] Party won the 2008 spot, while George Krebs' also incumbent Fusion Party placed first and last for 2009. There was a little more competition for the CC 2010 Class Council. After much scandal involving Mark Modesitt, the winner turned out to be AJ Pascua's Go Party.

Voter Turnout

Voter turnout for the 2007 CCSC Elections ended up being one of the lowest in recent memory, with only 34.3% of elligible students voting in the collective 20 hours the polls were open. This was a 15 point decrease from the 2006 elections, in which the total turnout was 50.5%