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Despite the fact that Columbia's Greek organizations are, tangibly speaking, some of the highest performing campus organizations in terms of the amount of money they raise for philanthropy, hours they dedicate to community service, employment help they offer members, and support they provide to fellow campus organizations, campus news sources rarely, if ever, publish articles detailing the positive ways in which Greeks contributes to society.

Campus news sources are eager to release stories that make members of Columbia fraternities and sororities look bad since this is a proven way for both publications and individual journalists to get an increased amount of media attention. Those less content with their physical appearances and life situations are highly attracted to stories such as these (i.e. reading about the life problems of supposedly 'fun' and 'attractive' Greek people), so the news coverage is an incredible opportunity for both Columbia Spectator and Bwog.

Bwog is sent weekly newsletters detailing the upcoming philanthropy and service events that will be held by Greek organizations, and they choose not to publicize any of these upcoming events on their site. These newsletters also include announcements about the positive accomplishments of Greek organizations. This information also goes unpublished. (Ex: Delta Gamma raised $6190.50 for Service for Sight during their fall 2013 annual "Anchor Splash" event. Sigma Nu raised $1,100 for the Women’s Economic Development and Globalization campaign centered in Gulu, Uganda (GWED-G) during a Spring Break themed social fundraising event. STD's fall 2013 GREEK BΣΔΤS raised over $5,000 for Prevent Child Abuse America. Kappa Alpha Theta raised $15,218 for Relay for Life in spring 2013. )

Instead of informing students of the numerous positive happenings occurring in Greek life, Bwog and the Columbia Spectator utilize (typically false and always unverified) rumors and Facebook stalking to create Greek "scandals" that they can write about. They typically write these "scandalous" articles after never actually knowing/ speaking with anyone directly involved.

Columbia Lion is the only publication that has attempted to provide an unbiased take on Greek Life. In February 2013 they published an article entitled "Greek life does good things around campus".

In the article, they noted that "campus news doesn't really like to report on some of the more positive things Greek life does on campus."

Positive things going on in Greek life that are never publicized

Academic achievements

  • The average GPA for Greeks is consistently above the average GPA for Columbia students.
  • In spring 2013, it was announced that the average Greek GPA for the 2012 calendar year was a 3.32. To add context, the average grade given out in an econ class is a 3.18 and the majority of Greek life members are econ majors.
  • Many of the Greek organizations at Columbia are leading in terms of academic, philanthropy, and community service performance in respect to their national organizations. Delta Gamma, for example, was listed as having the fourth highest fall 2013 GPA out of all DG chapters nationwide.

Greek Community Philanthropy and Community Service Performance

  • In spring 2012, it was announced that during the 2011 calendar year, Columbia Greek organizations raised a total of $242,400 for philanthropy (average of $251.74 per individual member.)
  • Greeks donated a total of 23,996 hours towards community service (average of 24.9 hours per member.)
  • In 2013 78% of total Relay for Life funds raised were raised by Greeks ($56,275.22 out of $72.632.65). In 2012 58% of total funds were raised by Greeks ($37,349 out of $66,459).