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The Chinese Students Club, commonly known as CSC, is one of the largest cultural groups on campus. It is a student organization dedicated to promoting Chinese culture and identity to the Columbia and Barnard communities through events from social mixers to political forums. It is notorious for holding Lunar Gala, a huge Chinese culture/fashion show, being one of the largest student productions on campus, as well as Night Market, a large festival on Low Plaza, and one of the biggest undergraduate events of the fall. Its other annual events include: Intercultural Benefit Dinner, Semi-formal, and Rice Bowl.

The organization also maintains five satellite groups: CSC Connect (a peer mentoring program), English Tutoring (a community program for Chinese immigrants), Radiance (Chinese dance), Chinese Yo-Yo, and the Chinese Conversation Group. The organization serves as the umbrella group for these related clubs. Lion Dance Troupe was initially a satellite group of CSC, but was recognized as an independent student group by the Activities Board at Columbia in spring 2009, existing now on its own.

The Chinese Students Club is run by a 25-member board as well as a general body. The board consists of the Executive Board (President, VP CC/SEAS, VP Barnard, Secretary, Treasurer), Executive Committee Members (ECMs), and Organizational Committee Members (OCMs). The board recruits students to be OCMs early in the fall.

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